Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Kanye West

I found a statistic interesting this weekend while watching an interview on Meet the Press with Condoleeza Rice. Tim Russert asked the Secretary what she thought of the fact that 84% of African-Americans disapproved of the job Bush is doing and only 2% approved. I thought the answer that she gave was a bit weak to be honest. She went on to explain that she is a social scientist and she would need to see what the questions asked were before making any comments. I do agree that before coming to a conclusion this should be done however I can’t see any level of analyzing against the questions changing a percentage bloat like this a significant amount. A better answer might have been to admit say that this presidency needs to look at why the majority of African-Americans are unsatisfied with the job Bush is doing because in her opinion he is doing a great job representing their issues and then she could have made her points about being the second secretary of state that is African-American.

This poll is really indicative of either a poor job Bush just might actually be doing representing African-Americans or a poor job making them feel represented. After seeing this poll the comments made by Kanye West are less surprising to me. While I don’t condone his actions it is apparent more to me now why they were made. The interesting thing to me is that I heard a lot of backlash towards him for his comments but it was more along the lines of “Why would you make something like this racial” (in regards to Katrina) rather than defense of Bush’s treatment of African-Americans. Even in Rice’s response on the show she talked about how the president has represented African-Americans on the cabinet and how dedicated to minorities he is however she doesn’t actually mention anything concrete. If there is an image issue perhaps that is the reason why.


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